The Technology (Art of Logic and Mind) of the Sacred Ellania Texts
The Technology (Art of Logic and Mind) of the Sacred Ellania Texts

So much pain…. So much fear… So much uncertainty and insecurity for our Future. Even though nowadays, we are living in a world of high “technology” in regards to internet, medicine, energy, education, electronics, business, Space, physics, environment etc, there is SO MUCH suffering when it comes to humanity…..wars, hunger, poverty, financial crisis, diseases, racism and more……

This is because there is so much miscommunication that disconnects humanity. We see politicians using words (whose meanings have been tainted), and trying “so hard” to save us from this misery. We also see the mainstream media playing a horrible role in all of this that is happening.

And on the other side, we remain spectators of this unpleasant show that we watch through our high tech TV, smart telephones, laptop or desktop, trying to find the truth through all of these shameful lies.

In order to find the truth, you must first clarify the words you are using, and properly define their meanings. Otherwise, this miscommunication will continue to exist, causing even more harm to all of us.

For example, in regards to the word “Technology”, its true meaning is the “Art” (techno/techni) of “Logic” (logy). It is actually the “Art of Logos”, the “Art of the Mind/Nous” itself (Logos means Reason and Spoken Word).

Technology is not all these gadgets that we use in order to make our lives easier (where at the end, we end up with more troubles). It is the Value of Logic that connects all of us. Even when you “log in” into your computer, you enter (in) the logos/logic (log). However, as I mentioned earlier, all of this true technology has been deviously tainted.

While you are reading this, there is a person right now, who is detained into an inhuman prison (since June 2018, with no charges), and is writing thousands of pages for every human being upon this planet. He is writing every single day and proves, through geometrical, arithmetical and mathematical processes, the true meanings of words such as Democracy, Laws, History, Justness, Justice, Politics, Education, Freedom and more. In this way, the true and polite Citizen (Politis) will have a rightful Politeia (State) and produce Civilisation (Politismos).

Through his thousands of handwritten pages, he reminded us that the true Alpha-Omega Writing (mistakenly known as “Alphabet”) is based upon Geometry, where the two end points – Alpha and Omega – create all the in-between letters. Therefore, we see a circular, never-ending process where Alpha (beginning) leads to Omega (end) and where Omega (beginning, containing the letter “alpha” at the end, as Omeg-a) leads to Alpha (end).

Within this process, we see the birth of symbols (a.k.a. letters), words, meanings, sounds and more. This process is purely geometrical and arithmetical, since all the letters have a geometrical shape (e.g. A, B etc) that defines their written aspect as well as their pronunciation (spoken aspect).

We all realise that we live in out-of-tune societies with an unhealthy pulse and rhythm.
And even behind the bars, this person never stops fighting. Even imprisoned, he gives the rhythm for unity and calls all of us to take a stand.

Rhythm itself will connect us. This is the reason why he utilises arithmetic, in order to prove the true meanings of all these words. This is because the “numbers” and mathematics never lie.

A-rithmetic comes from the word A-rithmos meaning “Number”. This is the “rhythm” (rithmos) of the Alpha (beginning). It is the “rhythm” of the source and the pulse that tunes everything.

This person has become known in Greece, since September 2012. He exposed the corrupted and global banking system, with all the corrupted politicians that participate in all of this. In 2015, he founded the political organisation E.SY. (Ellinon Syneleysis) which is the political platform of true Democracy. From 2017 and onwards, he has not stopped writing thousands of pages of true Knowledge, based on evidential and mathematical processes.

Today, we present to you the official website where his Texts are uploaded and everyone can read them for free. Four of his Texts have been translated into English and are uploaded into this same website. More of his Texts are in the process of being translated, in order for every human being to have access in this true Knowledge.

We invite all people to read and seek the truth, through true technology (Art of Logic).
Before I close this article, I would like to suggest the following:

Since there are so many negative things against this person through media, do not make a bad judgment about him. Think of how many innocent people in the history of mankind, who fought for Justice and Freedom, ended up in prison and with a damaged reputation.

Even in these inhuman conditions of his imprisonment, where all humanity faces similar inhuman situations, he is here to light the way for every single one of us.

Find the Truth and Truth will set you Free.
United we stand. Divided we fall.
 Kalliopi Altintasioti