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On Saturday, 23rd of June, an activity of orientation took place in the city of Kilkis which was hosted by the local entity “Ellinon Syneleusis Kilkis” with the assistance of the members from the other “Ellinon Syneleusis” agencies of Central Macedonia.
The residents of Kilkis were informed that Artemis Sorras has been unjustly detained, while he has been prosecuted because he has revealed facts to the Greek citizens that the regime kept in secret for so many decades. One of those facts is the global funds (Bretton Woods Official Goverment Gazette — http://www.et.gr/index.php/anazitiseis— 315 27/12/1945) which constitute a global treaty for the good of humanity in order for a country to avoid poverty and misery. The amount of money from this treaty has reached— in astronomical level— the number of 115,5 trillion USD (This specific amount of money is intended for Greece only. Other countries have different amounts of money that are colossal and are intended for the welfare of the people). While those funds exist, the political institutions make no use of them in order to help Greece to exit from the memorandum that afflicts the people of Greece. As a result, this situation has led Greece to artificial crises and austerity deals that aim for the complete and physical extermination of the Greek people.
In 2012, Artemis Sorras deposited 600 billion USD under the form of international bills of exchange (judicial decisions 67650/2013 and 107376/2017 verify the validity of this amount of money) to the Greek Sovereign Democracy in order for Greece to avoid bankruptcy by informing extra-judicially global and domestic institutions with an official proposal. With the defense brief of Artemis Sorras emerges the fact that everybody knew that with the disbursement of the 600 billion USD there is no need for assigning the national sovereignty to supposed debt relief. Eventually, the Greek government, parliament and the Bank of Greece did not care at all to attend to the matter that concerns the country and liquidate the 600 billion USD. As a result, Greece slipped into a deeper pseudo-financial crisis that led many young people to seek for a better future abroad, to an increased number of suicides and to exchange difficulties related to the mercantile sector (a great number of companies and corporations have shut down).
Meanwhile, months ago, Artemis Sorras revealed that there is no Official Government Gazette that legalize the composition of the Greek parliament into a legal body at least since 1974 up until nowadays. That means that anything that has been signed as a law by the members of the parliament, ministers and governments is illegal and cannot apply.
Artemis Sorras initiated the endeavor for the liberation of Greece since 2012 when he officially and publicly made an appearance with the proposal of funding Greece with the 600 billion USD. He never asked people to vote for him, however he pointed out that Greeks themselves should govern their own country. The most skillful and worthy will be elected from the foundation of our Nation through the General Assemblies of every local entity “Ellinon Syneleusis”. When the Greek
people will unite themselves through their own Political Entities under the name “Ellinon Syneleusis” (Protocol Number 6199 4/9/2015 at the Supreme Civil and Criminal Court of Greece— Areios Pagos), they will regain their National Sovereignty and injustice will end permanently.

The spokesperson of the Regional Administration of Central Macedonia
Dimos Dimaresis